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Content Managed Website

Content Managed Website

A content managed website refers to a website that has been built using a system that allows the website owner to update all text content and images without needing to understand the coding involved in building the website. A content management system is like a second administrative website that updates the client facing website. The website owner has a username and password to ensure no unauthorised person can update the website without the owners permission.

A content managed website can be very flexible and will grow with the needs of the company it represents. If you need to add a new page to the website for your newly opened sales department then you can with a click of a link. You can also update your customers with all your latest news, keep them informed with a weekly blog and post images into a gallery to show them how your latest project is progressing.

With our content managed website we can also add functionality to list products, take payments through Paypal, gather users email addresses to send a weekly newsletter, let users comment on the latest news stories or blog posts and more. Because we create bespoke websites and never use pre-designed templates we can work our websites to meet your companies requirements both functionally and creatively.

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